Our Values

We are Inclusive. We are Broad-minded. We are Creative. We are City Students’ Union.
At the heart of everything that the Students’ Union does are its values. They give us our identity,
guide how we make decisions, and how we conduct ourselves.

We are proud that our values are unique, giving us an identity and way of working that is rarely

(1) We are Inclusive

We believe that equality is achieved when we are inclusive of all of our members. We are
committed to the principles of social justice. We believe that our members should have equality
of access and participation in the Students’ Union and our activities.

We are committed to the principles of equity, recognising the differences that our members
have and giving them the tools to succeed. 


We stock Fairtrade products in our shop and we pay all of our employees a Living Wage. We elect Liberation officers to run campaigns within the university and beyond, to support students different backgrounds and demographics.

(2) We are Broad-minded

We realise that we do not have all of the answers and we should always be open to change and
challenging our way of thinking.

We are continually learning, talking and sharing information with our students and stakeholders
to ensure that we are making the best decisions and offering the best services for our members.


We work with other Students' Unions and the National Union of Students to learn best practice through the sector. We also run student surveys and hold democratic votes to decide matters of policy, such as Student Boards, All Student Meetings and online polls. We elect student officers every year to lead, inform, and inspire our organisation.

(3) We are Creative

We celebrate our history, but we are not constrained by it. We are continually on a journey of
self-discovery and self-determination, and we support our students on their own journeys.

We are not afraid to take risks, try new things and forge a new path for ourselves, the University,
and its students.


We run innovative projects and embark on daring new ventures every year, such as our Study Well Campaign and The Students' Union Leadership Award. We help new Student Groups to get off the ground every year and approve new policies as written and voted on by student members.

Maintaining an inclusive environment

City, University of London is committed to maintaining an environment that is free from discrimination.  We strive to build an inclusive and supportive culture which values the diversity of our students, our staff and our wider community.
Anyone who has experienced or witnessed offensive and discriminatory behaviour should draw this to our attention and can do so by contacting Student and Academic Services or the Students’ Union as appropriate. All communications will be treated in confidence.