Our Academic Impact 2018/19

We want to shout about some of the many great things our team have achieved. We're so proud about how much our Programme Reps, Officers, Staff, Societies and students have done. They've improved life at City, not only for their colleagues and coursemates, but for the whole university. We want to shout about some of the many great things that they've acheived with our help. Here's our way of saying thank you to you all.

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Our highlights


students were helped and given academic advice through our service (17/18)

City Students' Union Union Advice


Programme Reps have represented you in nearly every single class across the University

City Students' Union Programme Reps


programme reps reps have been trained

so far this year

City Students' Union Student Wins

Our Super Study Well Campaign

4 doggos

We brought in our favourite fluffy and friendly animals to give you a break from our studies

City Students' Union Study Well


2,000 cards

The number of motivational cards we handed out in Jan '19 to make your day better!

City Students' Union Study Well

Our Union Advice service


students received advice in person in 17/18 (almost doube the 16/17 figure)

City Students' Union Union Advice


of students felt they better understood the University's regulations and procedures after meeting us

City Students' Union Union Advice

an increasing level of support

Since 2013/14, we've helped more students get back on track with their studies

City Students' Union Union Advice


Our Fantastic Programme Reps


The number of committees that our team of Reps spoke at to represent your issues, in the first term of this year alone!

City Students' Union Programme Reps

The number of suggestions you've made that the university has heard since Sep 17

City Students' Union Study Well


Our Societies & Student Groups 


events have been put on by our societies over the past acaedemic year

City Students' Union Societies



fully affiliated student societies, with over 1700 members

City Students' Union Societies



Student Leaders have been trained with great skills they can use to boost their academic and career prospects

City Students' Union Societies


raised by our Student Groups this year

City Students' Union Student Groups


A summary

Thank you to everyone who helped us acheivethese great stats. If you know something or someone that's great, let us know @cityunisu!