Page Updated: 4 May 2020 - 10:24pm

For questions relating to your teaching or services delivered by City, University of London please click here

The following FAQ is related to the Students’ Union and its activity/services only.

Q - Why are staff and sabbatical officers working remotely?

Things are changing, but we are still here for you!

Following the escalation of the UK’s response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Monday 16 March 2020, the Students’ Union has taken the decision that all staff and student officers can work from home and will no longer be in the office.

The Union Reception, Shop and Offices will be closed and if you have a meeting with one of our staff members please contact them to find an alternative way to meet.

Q - What events and activities are no longer taking place?

Student Council planned for 5pm Tuesday 24 March has been postponed.

The 25th City Students’ Union Awards planned for Thursday 26 March have been postponed, we will continue to monitor the situation and we hope to find a suitable date to hold the awards in the near future.

Student Group Events – All student group events have been cancelled. This is regarding physical activity to help mitigate the current situation. However, we recommend any student gets in contact with their group and non-physical activity can continue.

For a full understanding of our events, please check out our What’s On section.

Q - How do I get in contact with someone?

The SU Staff Team will still be working hard online during usual working hours and you can contact them at the following useful contacts:

Students’ Union General Queries –

Activities Team –

Representation Team –

Elections Team –

Marketing & Communications –

Finance –

Advice – to access the service,

SU President –

VP Community & Wellbeing –

VP Education –

You can also reach out to us on Social Media, using @CityUniSU on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Q – Are elections (leadership and student group) still taking place?

The Leadership Elections went ahead and you can find the results here

Student Group Elections will also continue online, so don’t forget to vote before Monday 23 March.

Q - Are student groups still operating?

Student groups are still functioning in their own capacities and communities but all student group events have been cancelled. We highly encourage that activity continues online and a reminder only physical events are cancelled.

Q - I have an issue, can I still access Union Advice?

The Union Advice service will continue to offer appointments to students via Microsoft Teams. Appointments should be booked via the case form:

As Students' Union staff are home working, appointments will be provided via Microsoft Teams. You will be provided with joining instructions once you receiving your appointment booking email.

If you have a pending academic misconduct, fitness to practice, disciplinary or other panel, please complete the Case Form as soon as possible and provide the date, time and location of this panel. We will be in touch with further guidance.

We will also continue to provide email advice as normal.

Please also find some further frequently asked questions regarding assessments, EC's and other issues further down this page or by clicking here.

Q - I have a student group expense claim, how can I get it paid?

All financial claims will be processed as normal via email. Please note, we will require photographic evidence instead of physical receipts instead.

Q - Can I still buy something from the shop, including calculators?

The Students’ Union shop and reception are closed for the foreseeable future. When we return, we will review our stock capacity. However, these are the official calculators that are verified for examinations Casio GTX 85 and GTX 83. 

Q - When will the physical Union reopen?

We hope to re-open during the third term but will be continuing to update our communications and information regularly. Please check back here soon.

Q - I've emailed someone, when am I likely to hear back?

The Union team will be looking to respond or acknowledge your email within 1 working day. During busy times, including a volume of Advice enquiries, please consider this may be longer. 

Q - How can I collect my NUS Totum card/Erasmus Card?

When purchasing your Totum card, please do not select City Students’ Union as a delivery point as we are not currently open.

As we are not open, please find your nearest alternative Erasmus collection point.

Q - Is the Students’ Union still representing students?

The Students’ Union is here to represent you as a student. Check out some useful pages on our website to get in touch:

Q - Help- you’ve not answered my question. What do I do?

Get in touch with us


Advice Service FAQ

The below information is correct as of 9th April 2020 and is likely to change at short notice. Please check back for more information in the coming days.

What is happening with deadlines, exams and resits?

Please refer to the "Student guide to assessments" for more information in this area.

This page should provide you with the majority of the information you need regarding assessments, marks, deadlines and exams in the coming months.

If you have any remaining questions after reading this page you should contact your School or Course Officer, the Student Centre, or if you require any advice on extenuation, appeals, or complaints, our Union Advice service.


I need to claim for extenuating circumstances (EC) as I have (or will) miss an assessment deadline or an exam either due to the pandemic or because of an unrelated issue, what should I do?

City have replaced the normal Extenuating Circumstances (EC) procedure with the Supporting your Academic Success process. You can read about this process and how to apply here.

Key points include:

  • You will not be expected to provide medical or other evidence of your circumstances that prevent you participating in assessment.
  • The new Supporting your Academic Success process will replace the EC process for the rest of the year, including the upcoming assessment period.
  • The new process covers both impact from the Coronvirus situation, as well as other (non Coronavirus) related circumstances.

For advice and support please complete a Case Form with us.

Our studies are facing significant disruption and I’m considering requesting compensation. Where can I get advice about this?

We understand that you may feel you are not getting the same level of education, access to resources or facilities as you would have expected when you signed up to your course.


If you are in this situation we’d urge you to start noting down any concerns you have as they occur. At the same time you should complete a Case Form to receive advice.


I have left Halls or privately rented accommodation due to the situation and I would like to get a refund. What can I do?

For students renting privately

We would strongly recommend you access information from the University of London Housing Service here

If you enter into difficulties in this area, or face eviction of any kind, we would urge you to contact the University of London Housing Service for advice and also, 020 7862 8880.


For students in nominated or private Halls providers

City works with various private Halls providers and therefore at the moment the approach may vary from provider to provider.

For students living in Unite or Liberty Living properties, please see the following statements for more information about the right to end your contract early:

Unite Students statement

Liberty Living statement

For students living with other providers, at the moment the advice would be to speak with staff within your halls about this issue and see if any exceptions to the normal cancellation policy applies.

For more support in this area please contact City’s Accommodation team via

What support services are still available at City?

Below is a summary of how you can now access the services. You can also find further information on the Student Hub.

  • Student Counselling, Mental Health and Accessibility service: The initial consultation service and all student facing appointments are currently suspended and the service has moved to remote working. If you have a pre-booked appointment, the service will be in touch with you via email. Please also refer to their pages for further updates.  If you require support and advice regarding your mental health, please take a look at this list of helpline services and crisis and emergency information. Mind have also developed a useful resource to help you to manage the impact of current news and events on your mental health and wellbeing, which you can access on the Mind website.
  • Student CentreThe teams will now be working from home and can be contacted in the following ways:
    • Student Advisers – You can continue to get support via email, phone (020 7040 7040) and social media (Twitter @custudentcentre; Facebook @cityunistudentcentre and Instagram @cityunilondonstudentcentre)
    • International Student Advice – The Team can provide support via email and phone (020 7040 7040). They’ll also be replacing drop-ins with virtual ‘meet and engage’ sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays.
    • Funding advice – You can contact the Team for guidance via email and phone (020 7040 7040).
    • Accommodation – You can get advice from the Team via email.
  • Health Service: The Nurse Adviser will be offering support via email and phone (020 7040 5999)
  • Academic Learning Support: The service has moved to online appointments. You can book these and access online resources via their web page.
  • Careers–All appointments are now fully remote, and can be booked on the CareersHub Portal and choose telephone or Skype call. The main phone line is closed, so if you need to get in touch you can email at:
  • CitySportCitySport will be closed from Wednesday 18th March at 5pm. You can contact the Team via email, phone (020 7040 5656) or social media for any queries.
  • CityCaresThe Team are now home-working, and can be contacted by email. You can also find furthr guidance on the City Cares Moodle page.
  • Faith and ChaplaincyIf you wish to speak with a member of the Chaplaincy Team, please email or contact them on Instagram @cityunichaplaincy and they’ll be happy to arrange the most appropriate way to talk.