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Staff Resource Hub

The Staff Resource Hub is a page designed to give you all the necessary tools to promote the Leadership Elections 2018 to students here at City.

There are PowerPoint slides, social media posts and a template email, all designed to make it as easy as possible for you to promote the elections to your students.

Elections explained

The yearly elections take place in order to ensure that every student's voice is heard. Any City student can stand for a position, and any student can vote (last year over 2,000 took part).

If a student gets voted in, they get to set the direction of the Students' Union. There are a total of 18 different positions they can stand for, and all start for a year from July.

Why you should talk to students about elections

The Leadership Elections are a great chance for students to build their confidence, develop their skills and get the kind of experience which could prove invaluable in their career.

What's more, it can only be beneficial for you too. Having student representation will ensure your school's priorities and issues are heard at the very highest level of the university.

PowerPoint slides

Here we have a series of slides which can easily be downloaded and copied on to the end of your existing lecture slides, to give you the chance to briefly tell your students about elections.

The slides have been grouped into 'Academic', 'Career' and 'Personal', and you can pick and choose which ones you believe will resonate best with your students.


To download the full images, click on them.


To download the full images, click on them.


To download the full images, click on them.



Alternatively you can download all nine images as a PowerPoint document:

Social media posts

Here we have a couple of social media posts you can choose to use, one promoting our elections sessions and the other a more general elections post.


Template email

This is an email which you may choose to send out to your students. All the key information they need to know about elections is included, whilst we've saved you the time of having to type it up yourself! All you have to do is add your name to the bottom and send it off.


Key messages for your students

- All students (including international) are eligible to stand.

-  They must nominate themselves for a position by Thursday 21st February 2019 at 12:00pm

- There are a whole range of positions, 18 in total.

- There are frequent elections sessions to support potential candidates.

- The full-time positions are paid a salary of over £23,000.

- They can recommend a friend for any position via our website

Recommend a Student

This year the Students' Union are running the 'Recommend a Student' campaign, which gives staff and students the opportunity to suggest to potential candidates that they stand for a position in our Leadership Elections.

We want to encourage as many students as possible to run in our elections. If you think one of your students would be a great candidate, then simply choose a position, enter their email address and we'll send them everything they need to know about standing for election.