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Employability at City, Students’ Union.

In the three years since the global pandemic began, the graduate market is expanding with some of the most well-rounded, resilient, and determined candidates HE has seen. After hearing your feedback about overcoming hurdles such as remote learning, lessened networking capabilities and the variety of external factors Covid-19 has had on student success at University, Your SU have recognised the importance of ensuring that all students leave City with a clear understanding of who they are as a candidate.

We’re continually developing different opportunities for students to thrive:

In collaboration with our Careers Service, your Students’ Union is offering 21 Micro-Placements*. These are 4/8 Weeks (Full/Part-time) placements offer a glimpse into what running a Student Union looks like. From Finance, Communication & Marketing, Business Development and Events, applicants will get a chance to genuinely impact the student experience, while attaining a full credits for a module of their course! (No exams for you!)

SU Sector Essentials Training:
Working with external providers as well as our in-house offering, keep your eye out for our upcoming dates for sessions. Using direct feedback from students, we’ve curated accessible training for all courses, including:

  • Public Speaking- Communication for the Workplace.
  • Project Management- Insights on Frameworks, Enterprise & Engagement.
  • Risk Assessments- How to Identify & Mitigate Risk in Events & Business.
  • Presentation Skills- Ensuring Audience Clarity.
  • Navigating Graduate Recruitment- What to Expect, How to Succeed
  • Targeting Potential Employers- What do people mean by “Culture, CSRs & ESGs?”

This is not an exhaustive list!  We have a suggestions portal for your convenience, please let us know what you’d like to see!

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Sessions:
City Students’ Union prides itself on its diverse student population. We want to ensure that our members can articulate their experiences and utilise them to strengthen their graduate profile. Cultural Competency is an integral & intangible understanding of those around you, and so we’re partnering with experts to offer flexible sessions throughout the year.

  • Unconscious Bias- Recognition & Mitigation.
  • Active Bystander- Speaking up against Inappropriate Behaviour.
  • Trans Awareness- Inclusivity and being an Ally
  • Cultural Competent Leadership- Cooperative delegation and management.

These sessions will also help identify what core values you want to see from potential employers.

This process is ongoing! 

We’ll be exploring different methods of delivery and increasing our scope as the year progresses with your feedback. Come along to a session or email our Coordinator if you have any questions on how we can improve your Employability while at City.

*Microplacements are subject to your course, check eligibility here.