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Food for the Mind  (Book your free ticket →)

Nutrition and Lifestyle Strategies to Boost Mental Wellbeing, Performance and Stress Resilience.

Recent events have created challenges for many of us on every level: it may be that you are not feeling quite yourself at the moment but not sure why; Do you have that underlying feeling of tension and anxiousness? Struggling to concentrate and your mood is all over the place? Don't worry, you're not alone! If any of the above is true for you, don't miss this webinar full of practical tips.

By making good food choices, it’s possible to influence brain chemistry to feel great every day.  In this high energy, engaging and eye-opening workshop we’ll provide a refreshing new toolkit which you can start using straight away:

  • Get to know your brain, what it’s made of and how it’s fuelled
  • Discover the powerful connection between brain and digestion and why ‘gut feeling’ is more than just an expression
  • Identify which of the four mind-melters could be impacting your mood and brain performance
  • Get a grasp of the key brain-boosting nutrients to include daily 

Length of webinar: 50min talk, followed by 10min Q&A.


This event is part of our Study Well campaign - a year-round campaign to not only support students’ wellbeing during their assessment periods, but also increase the feeling of belonging and community at City.



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