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For the journal club, on the last Wednesday of every month at 7-8pm we will have a chat over Zoom about a journal article that we will send out beforehand. You don’t have to read it before you come, and you can either participate with your mic and/or camera on or just come along and listen to the chat. At the end of our Zoom chat, we will collect together our discussion points and share them on Twitter with other universities, and we can feed back to you about what people said at the other unis too.

This month’s topic is developmental language disorder (DLD) and the discussion will be on 28th April. The article is attached on the email.

Email Hannah, at with any questions

There’s a different topic each month, so if you’re not so interested in one month or you’re busy you can just drop in and out across the year as you feel like it! 


Your Turn to Teach- Turning the Tables
28th April
Opportunity for YOU to turn the tables on City academics to give them lessons/tips/advice on what works best for your online learning! Looking for students to give 5/10 min presentations about learning, assessment, wellbeing or social and community!
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National Journal Club
28th April
On the last Wednesday of every month at 7-8pm we will discuss a selected journal article over zoom, key points will be added to a Twitter discussion with other universities.
Eyeball 2021!!!
20th-27th June
EYEBALL 2021. date and time TBC.
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