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The Students' Union Awards 2020

Nominations will open on 28 January 2020

Nominations will close on 27 February 2020

The shortlist will be determined in March 2020.





City Students’ Union Awards are a major part of the Students’ Union calendar and are held to recognise the commitment and excellence of individuals and group contributions to the Union, student experience and wider community. 2020 marks the first year we bring the Academic Impact and Carrot Awards together to celebrate all achievements in one central ceremony.

All awards will be presented at the ceremony on 26 March 2020 in the Great Hall. We look forward to reading all nominations to showcase the fantastic work of students, staff and community members, from the last academic year.




Awards Info

Carrot Awards

The Students’ Union Awards look to recognise the commitment and excellence of individuals and group contributions to the Union, student experience and wider community.


Student Group of the Year Award

This award will recognise a group that has made a significant contribution to City University, student life, and the Students’ Union. This award will highlight the group’s breadth of activity, support to their members University experience and the wider work they’ve undertaken to create a sense of community. This award is one of the most prestigious accolades with which City Students’ Union recognises a group of students.


Most Improved Student Group Award

This award recognises a group which has made a significant effort to develop their group this year. This award will showcase how a group, it’s committee and wider members have improved to better the student experience.


Best New Student Group Award

This award recognises the achievements of a newly affiliated group from the current academic year. This award showcases the achievements of a group, whilst newly created, who has demonstrated exceptional development and growth.


Event of the Year Award

This is awarded to a student or group of students who have organised and delivered an outstanding event this year, that was innovative, exciting and has left a lasting impression on all attendees.


Best Contribution to Charitable Fundraising Award

This award is for the project, event or campaign that has had a substantial impact towards charity fundraising or fundraising (Raising and Giving) community on campus.


Carrot Awards

The Carrot Awards are a historic tradition of City Students’ Union, having first been introduced in 1935 by the Super Grand Council. These awards recognise and reward outstanding individuals for their contribution to the Union, University and wider student life. These can be awarded to individual students, university staff, alumni and/or members of the public.



Academic Impact Awards

Previously known as the 'Learning Enhancement Awards' the Academic Impact Awards are your chance to reward the members of staff and students that have helped shape your University academic experience, through their teaching, support, innovation and representation.


Programme Representative of the Year (one per school)

These awardsrecognise a Programme Representative from each School who has gone above and beyond to develop and enhance the student experience, making improvements to their course or School.


Best Graduate Teaching Assistant

This award recognises a Postgraduate Research Student that teaches whilst undertaking their degree and supports their students through their tutoring and leading of seminars.


Academic Impact Award (one per school)

These awards recognise membersof academic staff from each School who haveinspired students with their teaching, contributed to their student experience, enhanced employability and overall had a lasting academic impact on your time at City.


Personal Tutor of the Year

This award recognises the Personal Tutor who has provided supportive, accessible and helpful tutoring that has helped guide students through their course.


Research Supervisor of the Year

This award recognises any staff member (or student) that supervises and supports postgraduate students through their PhD, MPhil, DPhil or other research experience.


Outstanding Support (Professional)

This award recognises a Professional member of City Staff who has provided outstanding support to students through their year.


Awards Criteria Document

Thinking about nominating? Check out our full criteria document to read top tips on what to consider, find out more about who decides our awards and general information to set you up for the best nomination ever.