The Awards

We've come to the end of another year of Awards!


Thank you to everyone who made it so special.


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The winners are now live! You can see them all below.


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  • Nominations Close – Friday 31st March

  • Shortlists Announced – NOW - SEE BELOW!

  • The Awards 2023 – Thursday 11th May 2023. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Wednesday 12th April!


This year, the categories are as follows: 

(Please see the ‘Criteria and Requirements’ document for a more detailed explanation of the categories.)


Society of the Year

Women in Law Society

Somali Society

Hindu Society - WINNER

Music Society


Committee Member of the Year

Sumaiya Abid, Afghanistan Society - WINNER

Atara Beserglik, Music Society

Devesh Kerai, Hindu Society

Sophia Debrah, African-Caribbean Society


Best New Society

CityReaders Society

City Venture Capital Society - WINNER

Saudi Society

Spooki Society


Most Improved Society

ESports Society

City Polish Society - WINNER

Italian Society

K-Wave Society


Event of the Year

Pro Bono Fair, Pro Bono Society

'Black Women in Law' Series, Women in Law Society - WINNER

Turkish-Syria Earthquake Collection, Turkish Society - HONOURABLE MENTION

'Alternatives to Law', Women in Law Society


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award

Women in Law Society

Afghanistan Society

Hannah Cuthel

Gabi Prefit - WINNER


Carrot Award Bronze - ALL WINNERS!

Sophia Debrah

Kiynat Ahmad

Tanya Shennan

Dr. Deborah Rafalin

Dr. Beth Guilding

Dimitri Andreou

Michael Henderson

Dr. Louise Phillips

Aiman Nasir

Ryan Ginger

Hannah Cuthel


Carrot Award Silver - ALL WINNERS

Neha Chauhan

Vic Duarte


Carrot Award Gold - ALL WINNERS

Gabi Prefit


Programme Rep of the Year

Bayes Business School

Lilli Rosenthal

Aymeric Flottes De Pouzols - WINNER

Abdul Quadir Gaziani


City Law School

Helin Usal - WINNER

Lucas Kazman

Hafsa Abdullahi


School of Creativity and Communication 

Elizabeth Kisova - WINNER

Shruti Pandey


School of Health and Psychological Sciences

Ancy Jude Jeyakumar

Thais Cardon

Elise Davies - WINNER


School of Policy and Global Affairs

Saffa Awan - WINNER

Egor Kachanovskiy

Arielle Vogel Valk


School of Science of Technology

Novak Bojovic

Harry Mugridge

Zhala Alizada - WINNER


Academic Impact Award

Bayes Business School

Himi Agarwal - WINNER

Shrimohi Shah

Giang Do



City Law School

Qamar Shahrour

Sushant Agarwal

Masub Ali - WINNER


School of Creativity and Communication 



School of Health and Psychological Sciences

Ancy Jude Jeyakumarn - WINNER

Ibtizaam Sharif

Rosemond Numah-Mensah


School of Policy and Global Affairs



School of Science of Technology

Lohith Shridhar Poojari

Emine Kyosey - WINNER

Shimon Jacobs


STAFF: Teaching Excellence Award


Bayes Business School

Alex Moss

Professor Sotiris Tsolacos

Professor David Blake - WINNER


City Law School

Nathan Hawley - WINNER

Pia Rebelo

Dr. Kyle Murray


School of Creativity and Communication 

Dr. Edward Paleit

Dr. Carolina Matos WINNER

Dr. Minna Vuohelainen


School of Health and Psychological Sciences

Professor Rachael-Anne Knight

Dr. Louise Phillips

Dr. Nicholas Behn - WINNER


School of Policy and Global Affairs

Dr. Cecilia Rikap - WINNER

Dr. Lise Butler


School of Science of Technology

Dr. Sylwia Frankowska-Takhari

Dr. Lara Silvers

Professor Konstantinos Tsavdaridis - WINNER


STAFF: Outstanding Support (Professional Services and Non-Teaching Staff)

Louise Jennings - WINNER

Dimitri Andreou

Emma Allsopp

Raquel Marques


STAFF: Personal Tutor of the Year

Dr. Mariem Ben Silmane

Dr. Bernard Ohene-Botwe

Dr. Peter Campbell

Dr. Madeline Cruice - WINNER


STAFF: Research Supervisor of the Year

Dr. Kathleen Mulligan - WINNER

Dr. Shashi Harani

Professor Amit Nigam

Dr. Patrick Goold



Team of the Year

Men's Tennis


Club of the Year

Equestrian  - WINNER


Rugby Union


Sports Person of the Year

Lucas Theodose, Futsal/Football

Simiriddhi Gupta, Badminton - WINNER

Ugonma Agwunobi, Netball


Service to Sport Award

Sade Walters, Cheerleading - WINNER

Ugonma Agwunobi, Netball

Kajathiri Kamalakumar, Netball


Team Player of the Year

Sofia Ispani-Gomes, Netball 2s

Kerry Spink, Women's Futsal - WINNER

Kaila Lusabia, Cheerleading


Captain of the Year

Arsenii Bilyi - WINNER


Club Colours - ALL WINNERS!

  • Ewan Murdoch from Hockey
  • Simriddhi Gupta from Badminton
  • Claudia Philip from Netball
  • Spencer Trewin from Hockey
  • Eleanor Anson from Netball
  • Jacob Hilde from Futsal
  • James McConnell from Football
  • Sofia Ispani-Gomes from Netball
  • Sade Walters from Cheerleading
  • Matteo Contarini from Footbal
  • Ugonma Agwunobi from Netball


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