Carrot Awards

The ‘Carrot Awards’ celebrates and recognises the outstanding achievements and contribution of particular students, staff or individuals involved in any Students’ Union activity. This can be from sports to student advice, from raising awareness to student representation. This nomination form for a Carrot Award is for any City staff member, student or individual who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them. There will also be a range of other awards given out which you can also nominate students for. More information here. 

Why is it a ‘Carrot’ Award?

The Carrot is the Union mascot, and is over 100 years old, dating back to 1912. It dates back to when sporting activity took place at Palmers Green when the horse drawing all of the equipment was regularly encouraged with a carrot to continue its journey. And thus King Carrot became the mascot and later the name of the highest accolade given by the Students’ Union.

Awards and Criteria

At a meeting of a Super Grand Council on the 1st June, 1935, it was resolved:

“That the Carrot Awards shall be made to those who, in the opinion of the Grand Council of His Most Noble Majesty, have rendered outstanding service to the Union Society within or without the Royal Precincts.”

The following criteria are offered as a guide in the selection of those worth of the Noble Order.

(a) Any persons who have put more work into their offices or positions than basically required, or who have continued to maintain an arduous office in an efficient manner.

(b) Any persons who, by virtue of their leadership, efficiency or any other qualities of character, have put new life into, or maintained a high standard in, any aspect of Union affairs.

For the award of the PACHYDERMATOUS PROTAGONIST (GOLD), both (a) and (b) should be considered.

For the award of ALLEGORICAL ANOMALY (SILVER), either (a) or (b), or parts of both, should be considered.

For the award of PROSTHETICAL PROPITIATION (BRONZE), those persons who have made an outstanding contribution to Union activities should be considered.

For the award of HONOURABLE MENTION, those persons who have made a valuable contribution to Union activities should be considered. Carrots may be awarded to any other person whom Grand Council may wish to honour.”

How to submit a nomination

Nominations for the Students' Union Carrot Awards are now open, please follow the link below and let us know who you are nominating.

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