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Leadership Academy Fund

The Leadership Academy Fund is a funding pot available to Students’ Union Leadership Award participants to apply to fund small projects, events, and activities, the organisation of which will help students to develop their personal skills and competencies.

The fund is only open to current Leadership Award participants. The Leadership Academy Panel reviews funding requests periodically during the Leadership Award activities period (most of term time at City).

City Students' Union's Leadership Academy Fund is sponsored by Santander

Objectives of the fund

1. To support City students to be able to gain skills and experience for their own personal development and employability, and to develop any of the following 10 competencies:

  • Leadership

  • Building Relationships

  • Commercial Awareness

  • Communication

  • Creative Problem-Solving

  • Enterprise

  • Ethical Behaviour

  • Personal & Professional Development

  • Planning and Organisation

  • Teamwork

2. To enhance the student experience at City, particularly through improving students’ academic experience, academic communities, or employability skills development

Types of Activity Funded

  • Social and community events, in particular those aimed at students from specific academic disciplines
  • Learning and vocational workshops or events designed to promote students’ employability
  • Projects designed to gather and communicate student feedback, particularly on academic and study related matters
  • Campaigns and activities aimed at improving the student experience at City

Types of activity which cannot be funded

  • Leadership Academy Funding cannot be used to fund Charity fundraising projects, or publicity/donations drives for charitable fundraising.
  • Leadership Academy Funding cannot be spent directly on alcoholic drinks
  • Leadership Academy Funding cannot be spent directly on any activity which is intended to directly generate income, such as an event selling tickets or entry fees, or on products intended for resale.
  • Leadership Academy Funding cannot be used to pay for any expenses incurred in advance of the application’s funding being approved by the panel.

How to apply for funding

Download and read the Leadership Academy Fund Guidance

Download and complete the Leadership Academy Fund Application Form

Email the application form to 

How much funding can I get?

The Leadership Academy Fund is designed for small projects led by individual Leadership Award Candidates, who need access to funding in order to run an activity for students at City U niversity. For example, you might be a Programme Representative wanting to run a survey of students on your course.

Most funding grants are between £50-100, but larger or more ambitious projects which meet the objectives may sometimes be funded up to a maximum of £300 per Leadership Award participant involved. You need to state clearly on the form exactly how much you want to spend, with an accurate breakdown of the costs of items or services.

**You must be a current Leadership Award participant to apply**



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