How to complete your Leadership Award

Completing the leadership award is simple! You just need to register online, and then do the required activities in your own time.

Completing Criteria Activities

It is up to you to seek out and complete the activities through your Students' Union Position of Responsibility, and you get to choose the activities you are most interested in, to contribute towards your award.

Collecting evidence

You will need to collect at least once piece of evidence of the Voluntary Activities that you will later include in your submission. Evidance could be a photo, a document, a poster, or a screenshot of an email or webpage.

(In particular bear this in mind if you are organising an event - take a photo during the event!)

Steps to completing the Leadership Award

   1. Register online before the end of October.


   2. Fulfil the Criteria below before 26th March 23:59

During the period September – March:

(All activities must be completed in association with the Students’ Union)

How many


Examples of activities you could use


At least 1

Be able to demonstrate you currently hold or have held a Position of Responsibility at the university

Programme Representative - Society Core Committee member - Society Sub-committee member - RAG Project Leader - RAG Board Rep - Students’ Union Part Time Officer or Councillor - Student Media Contributor - Working with Community Fund - Sustainability Leader - Student Staff - Other Volunteering Opporuntiies 


If you are unsure please enquire 

At least 2

Attend Students’ Union Student Leaders Training sessions

These training sessions include the Leadership Academy Conference, Societies Training, Programme Rep Training, PTO training and other training sessions which will be updated over the year

At least 2

Be able to evidence work as a leader on Voluntary Activities as part of your role 

Plan an event or activity - Organise a Survey - Run a campaign - Arrange a Charity Collection - Lead an initiative to improve something at Uni - Create a project - Submit at motion to the Students' Union All Student Meeting


   3. Complete the SU Leadership Award Debriefing in March. (The Debriefing is optional but highly reccommended. It will teach you how to write effective statements for your Leadership Award Submission, and will also improve job application skills)


   4. Complete your Leadership Award Submission online before the end of March. Use the STAR Technique to do this.


Leadership Award certificates will be presented at the Students' Union Carrot Awards evening, which takes place in April.

The Students' Union Leadership Award can contribute towards acheiving City University's Employability Award, run by the university Careers Service.



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