Elections and AGM

Society Elections

Society Elections for next year's core-committee (President, Fiannce Officer and Communications Officer) will be administered through the Union's website.

Your election dates are:

Nominations: 28th March (1pm) - 4th April (5pm)

Voting: 1st April (12pm) - 5th April (5pm)

These elections will be set up for you. Your standard members can nominate themselves for positions on through the elections tab on your society webpage. Likewise all your standard society members can vote for who they want to run their society next year through the same elections tab.


Nominations and voting must take place during the dates above. Late nominations or votes will not be counted.

Failure to complete your elections will result in the closure of your society.


What do Committee Leaders Need to do During the Election Period?
  • Committee leaders are expected to inform all your standard members of when the election period is and how those who wish to stand can nominate themselves.
  • Committee leaders should remain impartial when talking about the elections to society members but you can vote for whoever you want to.
  • Committee leaders should give every candidate fair and equal promotion during the election periods. Do not announce who is standing for what positions until the nomination period has closed.
  • Committee leaders should inform all members of the new committee when the Union email the results to core-commitees.
  • Committee leaders remain in post until the 31st July. The new committee do not step into post until 1st August.


If you receive any issues in the nominations and/or voting period of your elections you should contact your Societies Coordinator immediately so the issue can be resolved quickly without distrupting the eelections.


What About Sub-Committee Positions?

These can be appointed but we do recommend you hold elections for any sub-commitee positons. The Union won't administer these elections but you can hold the elections in your Annual General Meetings (AGM) through an annonymou paper ballot or you can do an annoymous online vote through surveymonkey or websites similar.


AGM (Annual General Meeting)

As per the Union's bye-laws for student groups, every society must hold at least 1 formal meeting each year. Your AGM is such a meeting. These meetings need to have an agenda sent out to all your members at least 1 week prior to the date to give all the opportunity to attend. These meetings also need to be minuted and the minutes are to be sent to your Societies Coordinator for record keeping of any changes to your society.

Please send the date, time and place of your AGM to your Societies Coordinator - there may be spot checks on random societies to make sure you are hosting your AGM's.

What do you talk about in an AGM?

  • Give a break down of your society finances and expenditure/income over the past academic year.
  • Find out what your members have enjoyed/ not enjoyed this year - use this information to feedback to the Union (if applicable) or handover to the your new committee so they can work on the feedback to develop your society going forward.
  • Vote on sub-commitee positions
  • Discuss and vote on constitutional amendments e.g. membership fees, society aims etc.
  • Discuss and vote on regular or new external affiliations you may have with external companies/organisations.
  • Any other business - this gives your society members opportunity to highlight any issues they want to raise.


If you have any questions regarding your society elections or AGM please contact your Societies Coordinator.