There's a lot of planning involved with events but they are the most fun and rewarding activities to any student group! Here you will finds all the tools and resources you need to book your event and get it running smoothly and safely!

Booking Space 

As student leaders of an affiliated student group to the Union, you have access to booking multiple spaces within the University for your events and meetings. Follow the links below to the relevant booking forms and submit them to our reception team at at least TWO WEEKS prior to event or meeting date. For city sport bookings, send these to 

Book a Room

Book a Stall (All stalls require a risk assessment)

Book City Sport Facilities 

Book City Bar 

Book the Faith Space (Faith groups only)

Event Action Plan and Budgeting

An Event Action Plan must be filled in if instructed to do so by your SU staff contact. This is for large scale events on and off campus and/or for numerous activities taking place at one time eg. Campaign Weeks/ Balls or Awards Evenings.

Event Action Plan

You may be asked to provide a budget plan depending on the expenditure of your event.

Simple Budget Plan 

Detailed Budget Plan

Depending on the nature of the event, you may need to fill out a risk assessment.

Risk Assessment Form

Generic Bake Sale Risk Assessment (This is available for you to use, but is not an exhaustive list depending on the activity at your stall)

Ticket Sales 

You staff contact in the SU are able to set up ticket sales that are displayed on your student group webpage. When tickets are purchased either from the SU reception in person or online, the funds go straight into your student group budget line ready for you to cover the expenses of the event. 

To get a ticket link set up, email your staff contact with the following information: 

  • name of event 
  • date and times of event
  • description for event
  • location of event
  • name of ticket(s) (e.g. early bird)
  • how many tickets are available (of each type of ticket, e.g. 50 x early bird, 100 x members only, 50 x non-members)
  • cost of each ticket
  • When you need each ticket type to come on and off sale (note: have the ticket end when you need to pay your expenses not the date of your event, unless you have all the money you need to cover your expenses)