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Society Elections

Society Elections

Elect your new committee now!


This year, we are allowing societies to elect their own committees in ways that best suit students and members. The deadline to elect your new committee is Friday 8th April!


All societies MUST elect a new committee to remain affiliated.



How does it work?

You will need to elect a President, Communications Officer and Finance Officer, as this is required for all societies. The new committee can then add any other positions you would like – just drop me an email or pop by and have a chat about how to do this after your handovers!

New committees can be elected at an Annual General Meeting organised by yourselves, or via another means that suits your society. It is up to you how you organise the voting and elections system, but please allow all members to vote and stand in these elections.
To stand as a candidate for a society committee position, you MUST be a member of the society. You can purchase your memberships on


What happens after we elect?

After you’ve elected your committee, you will need to email us with the updated information so we can ensure that your society is eligible to get involved in all of our activities next year including welcome week, the compulsory societies training and more.

Once you have done this, it will be time to start planning your handovers. You will remain a committee member until July, but it is a good idea to get the handovers done as soon as you can. This can look however you want it to, but it should involve handing over any accounts, passwords, and any important information your new committee members should know.

Don’t worry though, the SU will provide compulsory training, so you don’t have to worry about going through all of the logistics of running a society. Just the basics will do, and we will handle the rest!


So, what now?

It is now time to get started on handing over to next year’s student leaders. As mentioned, please elect your new committee by Friday 8th April 2022. If you need any assistance in running, planning and organising an election, or anything else for that matter, please drop me an email and we can go from there. We’re here to make this process as easy as possible for you!

Here are some of the key pieces of information to end on:

  • Elect a committee for next academic year by April 8th 2022
  • Anyone wanting to stand as a committee member must be a member of your society on the SU website
  • Electing a new committee is essential. Societies that do not do this, or do not tell us that they’ve done this, will be considered inactive and not be able to receive the range of support we offer to active societies.


Please email the Student Communities Coordinator with any questions and with your new committee information!