Society Elections

Society Elections

This year, society elections are designed to be as flexible and convenient for you as possible. That is why we’re giving all of our student groups the opportunity to participate in the usual online elections OR run private elections themselves. 

Below you'll find the dates for all society elections, as well as a list of societies who are running private elections instead of online elections on this page.


If you don’t want to run your own elections, then all you need to know are these dates.

8th March, Noon - Nominations open (on this web page)

18th March, 23:59 – Nominations close

22nd March, Noon – Voting opens

1st April, 23:59 – Voting closes

We expect all societies to make sure that all their members are aware of this opportunity, and we ask that you all play your part in pushing nominations hard to anyone that might be interested. Nominations and votes can be cast on this page during the corresponding dates, and results will be published here and on the homepage. 

Nominations can be submitted here.

No elections are currently running

The following societies are running private elections. This means that they will be contacting all members themselves with details of a virtual event or method of nominating and voting for their future committees. Each society can be reached at its webpage here and please keep an eye on your student email account. You can also email for more information.

  • African Caribbean Society
  • Albanian Society
  • Association of Student Renters
  • Bengali Society
  • Bollywood Dance Society
  • Carrot Magazine
  • Catholic Society
  • City Amnesty International
  • Enactus Society
  • First Love Society
  • Hindu Society
  • Islamic Finance and Ethics
  • Indian Society
  • Italian Society
  • Legal Awareness Society
  • Malaysian Society
  • Mental Health Society
  • Motorsport Society
  • Mountaineering Society
  • Music Society & Shorinji Kempo Society
  • Nepalese Society
  • Oxfam Society
  • Pro Bono Society
  • Romanian Society
  • Tamil Society
  • Wolfpack society
  • Women in Law Society