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Why you should stand to be a societies representative on the Societies Board

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get even more involved in some of the most important decisions that affect societies! You will gain insight knowledge of how our Union supports it’s societies and be on the board that helps develop them. You will develop new skills that you will be able to not only take back to your society but you’ll also be able to add them to your CV when applying for those all-important jobs! You will learn skills such as the ability to review affiliation and finance applications, decision making at an executive level, refining your ability to pay attention to detail, articulating evidenced students feedback to those in a position to make act on the change your want to see.

This is also an exciting opportunity further enhance your extra-curricular activities whilst at University and meet new people from other societies. Furthermore you will be a part of a great new initiative that aims to further develop City Students’ Union and take your Union to new heights. This is your union and you should be able to shape it!


Who can apply to be a Representative on the Societies Board? 

Any standard society member or committee member can apply to be on the Societies Board.

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