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What you need to know about the Society Board

The Societies Board was founded in Summer 2017. It wempowers our societies by giving you a platform to direct how societies should be run and maintained.

The board will be made up of the Vice-President Activities & Development, and 10 Society Representatives (2 reps per society category).

We're also reshuffling the way we categorise societies. There are now only five categories of societies:

  • Academic
  • Faith
  • Cultural and International
  • Special Interest (Inc. Arts and Performance)
  • Political and Campaigning

Who are your Society Representatives? 

Academic Society Reps

Lesley Bayly-Bureau (Psychology Society President)

Fatema Dhanani (Law Society Comms Officer)

Faith Society Reps 

Muna Bashale (Islamic Society Member)

Pawandeep Kaur (Sikh Society Finance Officer)

International and Culture Society Reps



Political and Campaigning Society Reps

Ruqiayah Javaid (Palestinian Society Comms Officer)

Saqlain Riaz (Palestinian Society Finance Officer

Special Interest Society Reps



Your society reps are here to support and give voice to societies! if you have anything you would like to be brought forward to Societies Board meetings get in touch with your relevant Society Representative, they would love to hear from you!  

What you will do on the Societies Board? 

Those elected to be a Society Representative on the Societies Board will be responsible for a number of things. They will work closely with the Vice President Activities & Development, Societies Officer, and the new Societies Coordinator to: 

  • Affiliate /disaffiliate societies
  • Approve allocation of funding to societies from the Societies Development Fund 
  • Be a representative voice for societies in your category
  • Work with the Societies Officer and Vice President Activities & Development to organise events and new initiatives 

You can be on the Societies Board! Find out how here.