Ski Society

Welcome to the City ski club, a brand new society which aims to reunite City University’s students around one sport, Ski.

Our goal as a society is to organize a trip to the French mountains, the Alps, during the ski season. This trip which will last a week will allow a lot of you to discover or to rediscover our way of enjoying cold days and nights in altitude.

You will have throughout the week the opportunity to experience a very different lifestyle, to develop skills in a sport you like or are interested in, to taste new food and all of that with your friends or new people from very different backgrounds.

So whether you are a beginner or a professional, please join our society  for creating memorable souvenirs for your years at City University.

For the others who know they won’t be able to attend the skiing week, please feel free to also join the society as we will be organizing events during the year!!

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Raclette Dinner
6 Martin Lane, Flat 4, EC4R 0DP
Join us for a typical French Mountain dinner !!


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