Cyber Security Society

In the modern world we live in, protecting business and personal data has become increasingly important. Cyber security is a shared responsibility, educating professionals and businesses is as important as informing the end users. We try to research and bring awarness to both of those fields.

Aims and Goals:

The goal of our society is to create a place where professionals and people interested in the field can come and learn from each other. We will be hosting technical talks on various topics like: information security, hacking, ethics, computers, computer design and electronics.

Also, every couple of weeks, members of the society can share what they’ve learned or what they’re working on during our open talks. It creates a prefect opportunity to practice your soft skills like giving talks or preparing presentations and research papers.

Social events:

Apart from strictly technical events, we plan to host various events like CTF(Capture The Flag) hackatons, raising the security of end users by creating tutorials and informing them of current dangers.

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