Commercial Awareness Society

There is growing demand for graduates to not only have high achieving grades, but also to be able to demonstrate that you are commercially aware. This is applicable to all students in all courses, specifically law, accounting, business and economics students.  Employers not only want you to be able to understand their business, but also the surrounding economy and other large company deals.

Everyone talks about how important it is to the show that you are commercially aware, but few are aware of how to do this. The Commercial Awareness Society is here to offer an insight into the commercial world by giving you the opportunity to attend sessions where we will be doing activities to help you understand business concepts and the markets in which companies work in. We will also be sending out fort-nightly newsletters to all our members of the latest, most important commercial news for you to use to demonstrate your commercial awareness in applications for jobs and work experience. We will also get guest speakers in to help you understand concepts and to learn more about the surrounding economy. These skills that you will learn will be transferable to whatever career you go into, as graduates seeking work or experience are more favourable when they are aware of the business markets around them and different companies.

Many say that to improve your commercial awareness you need to read the paper; however after speaking to partners and graduate recruitment teams we now know this isn’t the way to develop these skills. We are willing to help you in a more interactive and insightful ways to help you fully become aware of these concepts and to understand them properly.

We can help you demonstrate your commercial awareness in your CV’s and applications. We will also be organising social events too, so we can all work together and build our skills.


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