Girl Up is the United Nation Foundation campaign advocating for girls' education, health and security world wide.

Girl Up™ is a United Nation Foundation campaign advocating for girls' rights to education, health and security world wide. We will be hosting a variety of events from fundraisers, discussions, social gatherings, and academically focused events to raise both funds and awareness for girls who live in the places in the world where it is considered the hardest to grow up as a girl. 

What is the United Nation Foundation's Girl Up™ campaign?

Girl Up is advocating for the rights of girls growing up in countries where it's considered especially difficult to be born female. The focus countries of the campaign is Guatemala, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, India, and Uganda. Girl Up has since 2010 partered with the United Nations to fund programs that works towards the goal of giving girls an equal chance for education, health, social and economic opportunities, and a life free from violence. 
You can read more about the campaign at: 

What does the Girl Up society do?

As a society our goal is to raise money and awareness for the Girl Up campaign. We will be doing this through charity events, fundraisers, and academically focused events, bringing in guest speakers from the field of women's and human rights. In addition to this we will of course have social events for our members, as we want to make sure that everybody has a positive experience with the society and their years in uni. Although the campaign is focused on girls' rights we believe in inclusion and intersectionality and everybody who believes in our cause is more than welcome to join us! We will be throwing movie nights, quiz nights, and all sorts of social gatherings. 
To get all the news about what we are doing you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram @GirlUpCityUniversity



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