Bengali Society

Welcome to City, University of London's Bengali Society!
Current Committee: 
  • President= Noel Quadri
  • Vice President= Safat Sikder
  • General Secretary= Medi Sardar
  • Finance Officer= Thissh Kantharuban
Being a language spoken by over 261 million people, allowed "Bengali" to become the 7th biggest language in the world, as well as the national language of Bangladesh, West Bengal, Tripura, Assam's Barak Valley, and Jharkhand. Yet, many do not know the culture, tradition and hardships resided within the language.
What will we bring with our society?
  • Charity Events and Fundraising to support the people of Bengal
  • Cultural events to celebrate our Bengali movie, games, music and dance heritage
  • Social gathering events to allow you to meet fellow Bengalis and people interested in said culture
  • Educate and celebrate Bengali history and the language
  • collaborative events with other societies
  • Merchandise!
  • and much much more...

Much More details:


We shall be hosting many events such as charity events for the Rohingya people, or to help push the support in third world countries (where Bengali is spoken the most). We shall mix and do collaborative fundraising with charities outside of the University that the general members of our societies are interested in us supporting.


We will also grant people the chance to socialise with fellow Bengalis, be them being in Bangladesh, West Bengal or elsewhere. We will even allow people who are interested in the Bengali culture to come and ask about our culture to educate themselves. As education through culture is one big step forward in order to eliminate racism. 


Bengali culture doesn’t just reside within Bangladesh, we do plan to mingle with the Indian and Pakistani society for example. Things like Bollywood battles, food competitions. Asian fashion shows to further support not only Bengali culture but the overlap between Indian, Bengali and Pakistani cultures.

We will also want to display how our culture is so embraced in London, for example, the massive history regarding Altab Ali park, brick lane or even the idea of what occurred in cable street. we would love to further advertise this benefit in regard to career developments. We would try to sort out volunteering opportunities as particularly in London many Bengalis cannot speak English, and many students here can take this as an opportunity to gain a skill and improve their own spoken tongue. Furthermore, we would love to bring people who are Bengali to speak and show that Bengalis do have the ability to obtain high ranking roles in society. We do also wish to target social topics that are more hidden within Asian culture, be it mental health or disability and try to shed light on it to make it a more open and feasible topic to embrace.
Why not represent the Bengali society with some merchandise, we will soon be launching hats (more to come soon) to show your community that you represent the Bengalis at city and London


East London has the biggest influx of Bengalis in England. This allows the best opportunity to show people who have come from all over the world to study at City what it is like to be a Bengali. We will plan to start a clothing line to advertise the Bengali society and will want to host joint events with the other society. Our Ultimatum is to use events like Bangladesh’s independence day and Bengali new year (Boishaki) as the flagship event to educate, build funds for charity and reach out to city students to join our society. These events will be our main form of us achieving our aims to educate, embrace and culturally exchange our values to others.
We embrace and encourage multi-culturalism, so people from all backgrounds are more than welcome!
So come along, sign up to be a member with us and enjoy a need to know culture with a set of dedicated people who share the same interest of that culture with you!
Any questions please send them over to our email:

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Finance Officer



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