Card Game Society

Welcome to City University's Card and Board Games Society!

We're a bunch of competitve people who enjoy playing various games which will require you to be cunning and smart about what you do.

We meet up once a week to play a variety of card and board games; we will play games such as Poker, UNO, Monopoly, Dungeons&Dragons and many more!

Don't worry if you can't play any of the games we have, we will explain to you how to play so you can join us. And if you know a fun game that we don't have yet, just tell us, and maybe we will get it! We usually meet up on Thursdays, and mostly located in the tait building in room C314.

For any updates you can either join or Facebook group or our WhatsApp  group

If you have any question, send us an email at or message us on WhatsApp or Facebook.


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