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Pole Dance Society

Welcome to City University's Pole Dance Society.

City University’s Pole Dance Society is currently run by Carolina Are (President), Siwar Roumanos (Finance Officer) and Jessica Simpson (Communications Officer). Carolina started pole dancing around two years ago and has since won the competition Floorplay 2018 in the Amateur category. Siwar and Jessica on the other hand joined the society as beginners looking for a fun way to keep fit and learn a new sport.

If you are also sick of boring gym workouts, why not try a fun, dance and strength-based sport instead? City’s PDS is a safe space where you can challenge yourself, gain more strength, tone up, improve your stamina and self-confidence by learning how to pole dance. We welcome people of all genders and abilities to join us and our fully qualified instructors at London’s most famous pole dance school based just off campus.  

Pole is so much more than just dancing or fitness, it is known to have helped people feel more confident and comfortable in their body and explore their own style. While it is now an internationally recognised sport which combines dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, endurance and strength training, we as a society make no attempt to distance ourselves from stripping work, from those who work in strip clubs/pubs who may or may not identify as sex workers. We strongly reject the stigma that surrounds this form of work and the shaming which accompanies it. Everyone is welcome to our society.

That being said, you will not be asked to strip, be sexy, or even perform if you don’t want to. We welcome and support everyone who would like to join the society for whatever reason(s). City’s PDS is a space for you to be yourself and do whatever makes you feel comfortable, while having a great workout.

We currently practice pole at the London Dance Academy who have kindly provided classes at an affordable student rate of £8 (as opposed to £15 or £18). In addition, we also hold free workshops on Campus, which involve pole dance related activities such as twerking, chair, lap dance and floor-work led by students.


Available to current students (ordinary membership), alumni, staff, students or staff from other UK universities (associate membership):

  • Ordinary Membership set at £5
  • Associate Membership set at £10


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