Economics Society

Who are we?

City Economics Society is a growing and diverse community dedicated to enhancing your university experience both academically and socially. Whether you study sciences, arts or humanities, the society hopes to lead students in the development of free thought and for members to leave each summer knowing the group they can come back to. We hope to not just help with careers advice but also provide a sense of belonging to what can already be a hectic uni life.

Academic Events

Public Lectures & Guest Speaker Sessions:

We intend to host numerous speakers covering current events and consistent developments in the field including inequality, emerging markets, the normalization of crypto and the impact of politics on the state of economies.

Careers Events

Investment Banking 101:

Our introductory series will give you an overview of a career in investment banking, along with internship and application advice. Watch this space for a Consultancy 101 session.

CV Workshops:

Review and refine your CV before applications, whether for internships, part-time work, or a graduate scheme.

Social Events

Winter Reception:

This term's headline event will be the Winter Reception, a chance to relax at the end of term with peers and lecturers, complete with minced pies and mulled wine.

Spring Ball:

Our final social event of the year will not disappoint. Dress code: black tie.

Sports Tournaments:

Who doesn't want to let off some steam by smashing a ball around for an hour? Especially when you've got three coursework deadlines coming up next week... Post-session good night's sleep guaranteed!


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