Madinah Society

The Madinah Society aims to promote the love for Allah Almighty and His Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and all things relating to Him (Peace Be Upon Him). Thus this society is named after the City of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) as a testament of this love.

We aim to represent those of the Muslim community practicing Sunnism, that is, those who are seekers of the inner science, the science of purification and those in search of proximity to Allah and to His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). We do this for the purpose of promoting values of love, tolerance and peace embedded in classical Islam, for the benefit and education of the wider community. Socially, the society will serve to provide a platform for students particularly interested in Sunnism and Sunni orders to congregate, express their views and practice among people of like mind.

Our Society aims to provide a friendly and positive environment that enhances students’ experience at University and allows them to establish life-long relationships with fellow students as well as a providing a platform for spiritual enhancement and purification of the heart and soul during times of difficulty and distress that both Muslim and non-Muslim students may encounter during their academic studies.

The Madinah Society aims to welcome all interested in this rich tradition. 



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