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City University Programming Society (or CUPS for short) has the aim of opening programming and its perks to anyone who is willing to sit down and learn the skill! We want to introduce programming not just as an academic or computer science specific skill, but more as a modern life skill that can be applied to a multidude of areas both inside and outside of university.


  • To provide a social environment in which students are able to learn and expand their programming understanding, while feeling safe and supported in doing so.
  • To encourage the application of programming to everyday problems the students may face, and provide them the skills with which to tackle these problems.

  • To teach and expand the programming abilities of students as to allow them to not only tackle programming independently, but to think differently about solving other problems they have (programmatic thinking)


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Come and join us for some snacks and chat about what you want to get out of the programming society events and courses by the end of the year, as well as get to know a few of our lecturers!


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