School Bus Project

The School Bus Project was set up in 2015 by educators & other community members, based on our belief that learning is a basic human right for everyone.

The School Bus Project aims to:

  • design mobile learning provision for refugee projects.
  • provide training and advice for volunteers and other groups.
  • highlight the agenda for migrants, refugees & displaced people.
  • highlight solutions that deliver education when most needed.
  • involve individuals, schools and many other organisations.

City University hopes to support this amazing charity by encouraging students to get involved, by volunteering, actively fundraising and raising awareness.

More information on The School Bus Project can be found on their website

This group hopes:

  1. To raise funds for the associated charity through on-campus events, off-campus collections, and online sponsorship.
  2. To raise awareness of the charitable cause amongst students and staff at City in hope to encourage volunteers in engaging and participating in opportunities available through the charity. These include volunteering opportunities in Northern France and Northern Greece in 2019 and beyond.
  3. To organise a day of workshops during Refugee Week annually, that encourage engagement in the conversation around the refugee crisis, including students, staff, local organisations and the School Bus Project.

As part of the SBP UNIfied partnership scheme, City’s School Bus Project hope to raise a minimum of £1000 per academic year.

You can donate to our TotalGiving page here

We are also currently in the process of laying the foundations for creating a volunteering programme for students of relevant disciplines and skills to spend 2 weeks in Northern France or Northern Greece to aid in providing mobile education in refugee environments, in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University who currently send Social Care students annually.

Standard membership (City students): £1

Associate membership (non-City students, staff and alumni): £2


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