Speech & Language Therapy Society

CitySLT is the exciting new society seeking to bring together those interested in Speech and Language Therapy.

The opportunity to communicate is a basic human need, and something most of us take for granted. But across the UK approximately 1 million children have speech, language and communication needs, with 20% of people having a communication impairment at some point in their lives. Speech and Language Therapy helps to support these individuals, from premature babies to the elderly. 

As a society, we're planning to bring like-minded people together to socialise, support each other and share experiences. We will also be working to raise awareness of this unsung area of medicine, including:

  • Organsising lectures and workshops
  • A twitter account for discovering new research
  • Fundraising for speech and language related charities
  • Awareness days for specific conditions

If you're looking for a fun, welcoming society where you can make friends and help make a difference to people's lives, CitySLT is for you!

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