SU President - Term 1 Update

SU President - Term 1 Update


SU President - Term 1 Update

  • My number one highlight since July 2022: Culture Festival Day

In November I ran a Culture Festival Day in the Courtyard Cafe with the aim of celebrating our diverse student community. We we’re joined by many societies, including: Pakistan Society, Turkish Society, Iranian Society and more. They bought food, music and more.

  • Men's Mental Health Awareness Month

We worked with the Hermes Project to provide free haircuts to students on campus, the charity chats to customers about their mental health whilst getting a sharp new haircut. Alongside this I made a video interviewing male students on campus about their mental health, when they last cried and more.

  • Improving Student Engagement with the Union

I want student engagement in the Union to be better, this term I set out to: attend over 20 society events, increase my social media following to 2,000 and to deliver excellent communications for my events.

  • Student Safety on and Around Campus

Following several incidents on and around campus I am working with SLT, PAF and Security to improve student safety. So far, increased security on campus has been agreed and a meeting with the Police will take place before Xmas.


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