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10 Reasons to become a Programme Rep


Have you nominated yourself for Programme Rep yet on your course? Programme Rep elections are currently taking place in class, and now is the time to make a positive impact on your course for you and your coursemates.


Here are the top 10 reasons why you should run for this opportunity!


1. You can make positive changes to your course.

Is something not working on your course? Or is something working well and you want more of it? Reps will make sure that the University is constantly listening to, and responding to, real student feedback (the good and bad).


2. You’ll boost your employability and stand out from the crowd.

Being a Programme Rep is a great development opportunity and can help you enhance your skills set, ultimately making you more employable for after you graduate! And, no prior experience is required to become a Rep!


3. You’ll be invited to exclusive training opportunities.

Throughout the year, the SU will support you along the way with training opportunities. We’ll make sure that you are empowered by and equipped with training to help you get the most out of your role.


4. Your rep status gives you access to a range of incentives.

This includes lanyards, end of year certificates, personalised hoodies and personalised business cards for purchase, Programme Rep of the month prizes and vouchers for encouraging and participating in surveys.


5. You'll get to network with students and Reps on your course.

As well as meeting new people on your programme, you’ll be the go-to expert on your course for student views and issues. Your Rep status gives you a great platform to expand your networks and build relationships with your peers.

6. Your Rep experience can open up new opportunities within the Students' Union.

If you’re a stranger to the SU, being a Rep is the perfect opportunity to getting to know what your SU are all about. By the end of your office as a Rep, you’ll have gained useful Rep experience that can put you in a good position for other elected roles within the SU! 


7. The Rep role is flexible yet enriching.

You are expected to commit an hour per week at least  and to attend a few meetings every term,  but remember the Rep role is voluntary! As much as being a Rep reaps benefits, you can choose how much you play a role as a Rep that fits around your studies and commitments.


8. You’ll have seats in important committee meetings.

Your role as a Rep is valuable to the University and the Students' Union, which is why you’ll be a key member in committee meetings that want to hear what student’s on your programme have to say. These meetings will have academics and staff from the wider University.


9. Get your achievement recognised in the Students’ Union Awards

As a student leader, your efforts and contributions can get recognised in the prestigious Students’ Union Awards at the end of the year.


10. Your SU will support you along the way!

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about being a Rep. If any questions do spring to mind, feel free to email Whether you need support, advice, or someone to talk to, your SU are always here!


How to nominate yourself

If you want to stand to be a Rep, you will be able to nominate yourself in class during the first few weeks of teaching. For more details on how the elections will be running for your programme, please contact your Course Leader. Any further questions, please do get in touch with the Representation Team at City Students’ Union on