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2022 Election Results

Students' Union Officer and Assembly Members 2022/23 Revealed

Congratulations to our new Students’ Union Officers and Assembly Members 2022/23!


The results are in for the City Students’ Union 2022 Elections. A huge thank you to all candidates who stood, students who voted in the elections and helped to spread the word.

Across two days of voting we saw an impressive 2675 votes across two positions, casting 4764 individual votes for our newly introduced positions of Students’ Union Officer and Assembly Member.

On 6 April  the election results were run by the Deputy Returning Officer, below are all of the results.

Assembly Members

The following students have been elected to represent you at the Assembly Meetings.




SASS – Assembly Member


Yasamin Zia


Shruti Pandey


Stuti Nagpal


Re-open Nominations (R.O.N)



Bayes – Assembly Member



Simriddhi Gupta



Rucha Nilawar



Jinghan Sa



Muhammad Mohsin Sharif



Furqan Khurram


SHS – Assembly Member


Imrana Abdi



Gloria Benjamin



Olusola Adefowora



SMCSE – Assembly Member

Alima Begum



Gerard Bita


Emine Kyosey


Yersultan Kairat


Omar Waleed Mohamed Zaki


Law – Assembly Member


Aamina Hoque



Nikita Malhotra



Re-open Nominations (R.O.N)



Lucas Kazman



Masub Ali



Shauna Melbourne-Myrie



Students’ Union Officer

The four elected Students’ Union Officers work together to lead the Union for a year, deciding its direction, acting as trustees, and representing the voice of over 20,000 students in high-level decision making to the University and Union.




Students’ Union Officer


Gesmina Tsourrai – President

Aaminah Patel

Yavuz Emin Kafadar

Fortune Sampson

A full breakdown of the results can be found here

If anyone has any questions about the count, please email the Deputy Returning Officers on; complaints concerning the count will only be considered within one day of the announcement of results.