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Academic Impact: A Huge Start to 2021

We have had a busy few months at City Students’ Union, to keep you up to date here’s the latest instalment showcasing our top 15 Academic Impacts and Student Wins that we have made within the Students’ Union team.

Our Representation Team

  • We have begun undertaking a review of our democratic structures, including of our full time and part-time officer roles, to ensure our structures reflect the needs of our members and make it easy for you to make changes.
  • We have completed recruitment and inducted ten new Student Equality Diversity Representatives. Now onboard, the Representatives will support the Union and University to contribute to the progression of EDI projects impacting on our members.
  • We have organised a conference for all Programme Reps and our academic communities’ members on the 25 March. The Conference will feature a Pitman-accredited LinkedIn trainer to support Reps become more employable and provide an opportunity to network.
  • We have launched a research project to better understand the diverse student communities that exist at City. Once completed, the findings will allow the Union to support our members experience, employability and wellbeing.
  • The Union contacted 2570 students to check in on their wellbeing and offer support. We are now in the process of collating our results and working to improve our service with outcomes of what students have said to us.

Our Advice Service

  • We attended several Academic Misconduct Panels with students and supported them through the process.
  • We have been working closely with the University and our VP Education to solidify assessment mitigations for this academic year.
  • We have supported and advised a high number of students with submitting Extenuating Circumstances claims for the January assessments.
  • We have started working on an Academic Misconduct Campaign with City and our VP Education.
  • Union Advice is now an accredited service. We have achieved the AQS Kitemark (Advice Quality Standard).

Our Activities Team

  • We’ve revamped our society election process, enabling our student groups to have more control and flexibility in deciding their committees for next year.
  • Every society has received phone calls from us checking in on how they’re feeling, getting their feedback on a number of things, and offering support for a range of things.
  • We’re establishing brand new Academic Communities in areas like Nursing, English, and Speech & Language Therapy.
  • We’ve collaborated with the Careers department to host three events aimed at boosting employability for students of colour, attracting nearly 100 students in the process.
  • Planning has started on up to 40 student micro placements, which will give students a chance to lead on projects and campaigns, get work experience, and receive accreditation as part of their course




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