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Academic Impact Awards 2019

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The Academic Impact Awards Ceremony is fast approaching and we are looking forward to welcome students and members of staff at this exceptional award ceremony. We want to showcase the best of the best at City and want to recognise their effort and hard work in shaping the academic experience of students.

Our staff and Programme Reps are essential for the wellbeing and academic success of our students. The Students’ Union and LEaDs are partnering to celebrate the work of City Staff and Programme Reps, but we cannot do this without you! Submit your nominations here and show your appreciation for talented staff members and fellow students at City!

The Academic Impact Awards will be held on the 16th of May 2019 at the Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre.

The event will feature speeches from Academic members of staff and your full time officers. We will kick off with a reception at 5 p.m. with welcoming drinks at The Foyer. The ceremony will start at 6p.m and will be followed by an after-party in the Foyer where you can network with City Staff and Academics and also other students around some food and drinks.

So, don’t wait until all the tickets are sold out. Reserve your spot now!


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