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Ali appointed on Association of Optometrists Council!

(Left to right: Malek, Olesea, Ali and Zulkaif)

A student of Optometry at City, University of London has been appointed a unique position within a national official body for the second year running.

Ali Yasen was successful in being appointed as the sole representative for UK undergraduate students of Optometry on the Council at the Association of Optometrists last year. Ali represented the interests of undergraduate students and ensured that decisions made at Council included considerations of the student voice.

This was instrumental in discussions including the General Optical Council’s Education Strategic Review, which aims to restructure optometric education as a whole. He has now been re-appointed for a second term, where he will be representing all pre-registration optometrists nationally.

The Association of Optometrists work to protect practitioners as well as the public through engagement with allied healthcare organisations as well as parliament. Council members discuss and vote on items to enact positive change within the profession with the aim of improving patient care in the UK.



Ali has been liaising with students across the country, to build a strong national network for obtaining feedback to provide to Council. He will now be continuing this work as a City graduate this summer.

We caught up with Ali, who is also the Chair of Student Council at the Students’ Union, after his recent appointment. “It’s been such a humbling feeling to be re-appointed to Council. I’ve learnt so much about how Optometry works as a profession and my experience there is what prompted me to apply to chair the Student Council. I’d highly recommend that those with passion for change to explore such roles both within and outside of University, as these have definitely been formative experiences within my life.”

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Congratulations Ali!



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