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Answering your Elections worries!

We hope that you’re considering applying for one of the great roles in our SU Elections already, if you still unsure check out these 10 reasons you should put yourself forward, but what if you are nervous about applying and putting yourself forward.

Worry not! We are here to answer your fears and questions.

Once you’ve read these, if you still have any questions, make sure to Book a Call and speak to the team.


Your fears answered:

Fear: The current officer is standing again; I don’t have a chance.

Answer: It is not true that the current officer is always re-elected, in fact the majority of our officers are in their first year in the role every year!

Fear: I don’t know what to expect in the job.

Answer: Every year, the job will be different, and it can be what you make of it. You will get the chance to work on lots of different project, supported by the SU team all the way.

Fear: I don’t know how to campaign online.

Answer: This is the first year of a fully online election, so it will be new for a lot of people. To help we have produced lots of guidance for how to campaign digitally including some sessions on Digital Campaigning the 10th and 17th February.

Fear: What if I am not successful?

Answer: Don’t worry, yes there is a chance this happens, but you are going to gain so many skills and experiences by standing. Even if your campaign is unsuccessful you will have demonstrated your leadership, communication and confidence which you can put on your CV!

Fear: I don’t know everything about the University, how can I be a successful officer?

Answer: As an SU we provide training to all our elected leaders to make sure you have the knowledge you need to succeed, we will help you navigate the University.

Fear: I don’t know if I’m popular enough to win.

Answer: It is more important to campaign, tell students why they should vote for you and get yourself out there (virtually of course). It is not a popularity contest, it's about your manifesto and speaking to students.


If you still have any questions, check out our Candidate Handbook or email us at



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