Appeals on the Grounds of Undisclosed Extenuating Circumstances Workshops: July 2024

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If you are thinking of submitting an academic appeal for impacted assessments following your results read below:

Appeals can only be submitted within 28 days of you receiving your final results from the Assessment Board. Even if you have not received this yet you can still prepare for the appeal and your SU Advice team can help!

This workshop is for students who had circumstances which impacted their assessment, but they did not submit an EC (extenuating circumstances) form at the time. This could relate to illness, bereavement, financial issues, mental health, global issues, unrecognised disability and much more. 


The workshop will include:

  • How to submit an appeal
  • Understanding of the appeals regulations
  • How to demonstrate meeting the grounds to appeal 
  • Advice on evidence
  • Advice on answering the questions
  • Guidance on outcomes, timescales, and other logistics 
  • A chance to anonymously ask questions 
  • After the workshop you will receive the slides. You then have the option to send us a draft of your appeal and an advisor will provide feedback before your deadline.

The workshop will take place online via MS Teams and you can attend anonymously with your camera off. If you wish to attend, please sign up as soon as possible and you will receive a joining link the day before.


You only need to attend 1 workshop. You can sign up for the following dates:

Wednesday 3 July- 2.30pm-4pm sign up here

Tuesday 9 July – 2.30pm-4pm sign up here

Wednesday 17 July – 2pm-3.30pm sign up here

Tuesday 23 July – 11.30am- 1pm sign up here

In the meantime you may find it useful to read our self-help guide on Appeals here and the University guidance on the student hub here.

All the best, Union Advice!







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