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Are you struggling with access to technology?

The Officer Team are aware that online learning for the academic year 2020-21 has placed a heavy burden on students, especially those who need access to computer equipment and software, a quiet space, and internet access to study. The Digital Inclusion Fund has been set up to support students to acquire the equipment that they need.

Who can apply?

Priority is given to Undergraduate UK students whose household income is under £25,000 and students registered with City Cares (care-experienced, young adult carers, young estranged students and asylum seekers).

Students not within these categories are welcome to apply but must be able to demonstrate exceptional circumstances or an exceptional change in circumstances (e.g. no longer employed due to Covid) in order to qualify for support.

What technology does my course require me to have?

You can find a list of items that you need for online studying here. If you think that your course requires you to access additional specialist equipment, hardware and/or software, check with your Course Officer.

How do I apply and what will I be given?

You can apply online. You will need to complete this form. Make sure that you complete the form fully and include as much detail as possible. Your application will be assessed according to your circumstances and the requirements outlined in your application.

The Fund will support applications for items which are necessary for your studies, such as: laptops, webcams, keyboards, Wi-Fi/data, and specialist technology.

When can I apply?

You can apply immediately: The Digital Inclusion Fund is already accepting applications.

I am struggling to study at home- is there anywhere for me to study on campus?

The Northampton Square Library and Business Library are open. You can book a PC or seat in the library here

I have more questions

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