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Autumn Election 2020 Results


The results are in for the City Students’ Union Autumn elections 2020. A huge thank you to all students who ran online campaigns, and who voted in the elections.

At 10:00 on Friday 30 October the election was run by the Deputy Returning Officer, below are all of the results.

Student Council 2020/21

The following students have been elected to represent you at one of our most important termly meetings.



Chair of Student Council

Sajid Siddiqui

Business School Councillors

Deveshi Kumar

Khushi Gandhi

Vivian Ceresoli

Law School Councillors

Ilyas Mohammed

Sarah Sahi

Ahmed Khawaja

SASS School Councillors

Ayesha Hossain

Amna Khan

Nikolaos Dimitriou

SHS School Councillors

None elected, election will be re-opened

SMCSE School Councillors

Ibrahim Hamid

Samara Mabrouk

Walaa Jamous


Congratulations to all those elected it is now their job to make sure that your President, Vice-Presidents and Part-time Officers fulfil their promises to improve City, as well as being the ones to vote on new ideas for the Union to work on.


Re-open nominations won all three positions in the SHS Councillor election, a by-election will be organised for these posts at a later date in order to elect students to the roles.


The first Student Council meeting of the year will take place next week on Wednesday 4 November at 16:00 (GMT). You can find out how to join the meeting on our events page here:


NUS Delegates 2020/21

The following students have been elected to represent City students at a national level at the annual National Union of Students conference next year:




NUS Delegates

Ibrahim Hamid

Saurav Pradeep Menon

Stuti Nagpal

Muhammad Hamza Afzal

Hanna Roy

Ellie Foulger


Congratulations to all our national delegates, the team looks forward to working with you on national policy proposals shortly.


If you have any ideas for how City should shape the national political landscape then get in touch with your delegates!


Student Executive 2020/21 (By-Election)

One by-election for our Student Executive team was run in the autumn election, the following student has been elected:




Postgraduate Taught Officer

Abdul Qudoos Sohal



A full breakdown of the results can be found here

If anyone has any questions about the count, please email the Deputy Returning Officers on; complaints concerning the count will only be considered within one day of the announcement of results.




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