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Autumn Elections 2019: Notice of Poll

Notice of Poll


The Deputy Returning Officer hereby gives notice of poll of the Autumn Elections 2019

The following students are standing for election in our Autumn Elections.


Name of Candidate(s)

Disabled Students Officer

Ellie Foulger

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Ethics and Environment Officer

Michelle Lo

Mohamed Omar

Munira Sharif

Rebecca Johnson*

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

International Students Officer

Jakub Zavacky

Zainulariffin Zaki Dato Abdul Rahman

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Raising and Giving (RAG) Officer

Adna Isse

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

NUS Delegate

Aaliyah Awan*

Ali Qureshi

Dren Matoshi

Mahek Hemnani

Rania Salim

Saqlain Riaz

Shahd Haj Khalil

Sharif-Omar Omar

Shayma Abdirazak

Tamanna Arora

Tuna Kunt

Vivian Brooke

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Chair of Student Council

Gabriel Kelly

Joshua Clayfield

Ibrahim Al Mustafa

Satyanand Balram

Shima Dallali*

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (Cass Business School)

Aklima Tasnim

Alua  Zhumabekova

Dalma Komjati

Deveshi Kumar

Kieran Ramlogan*

Nicolas Munoz Khavov

Richard Serenkov

Vivian Brooke

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (City Law School)

Abdul Qudoos Sohal

Karim Fawaz

Munira Ahmed*

Natasha Ahmed*

Olivia Duffin

Ranjan Suresh

Tyler Austin

Tamanna Arora

Yusuf Daud

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SASS)

Aatka Qadri *

Asna Arif*

Hoda Mire

Israa Ahmed

Jake Holmes

Mahek Hemnani

Muskaan Baig

Saima Begum

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SHS)

Ama Dumenya

Camilla Chitolie*

Massimilliano Boggia

Ruby Nyamukapa

Zahra Cahlouache

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

Student Councillor (SMCSE)

Alaa Al Hraishawi

Elsa Rizkallah

Mamoun Bouchouit

Marium Ansari

Mihaela-Luiza Iosca

Mohamed Omar

Noel Qadri

Samuel Spencer

Talha Ariff*

Vladimir Tarlev

R.O.N (Re-open Nominations)

* candidate has withdrawn from the elections

For further details about these elections please review our Elections Regulations.

How to Vote

Voting for elections opens online on Monday 4th November at 9am and will close on Thursday 7th November 4pm. There will be ballot stations at various points around campus, alternatively you can log onto our website and vote at


Any student can submit a complaint about a candidate or their campaigner, full details of grounds for complaints can be found in Section 14 of the Elections Bye-Laws. To submit a complaint please email

Results of Election

The election shall be counted online following the close of the elections and completion of any outstanding appeals and disciplinary actions.

Contacting the Deputy Returning Officer

The Deputy Returning Officer for this election is Hannah Roberts and she may be contacted via the following email address  

The Returning Officer is Peter Robinson, NUS.

Please send all questions about the elections through to  






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