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Autumn Elections 2020

Take the lead on your student experience. You set the pace, we follow!

Autumn Elections are here to ensure you have a say in your academic experience, the power to shape your learning and access to the support you need to thrive. 

Have you ever struggled to find a comfortable space to study on campus and wished someone would raise this issue? Have you ever felt frustrated for having to pay printing fees? Have you ever wished the library could stay open just a few more hours?

There are a range of positions available from Student Councillors to the Postgraduate Taught Officer. So, whether you want to shape the policy and direction of the Students’ Union, or represent a particular group of students here at City- there is something for everyone to get involved with.

Whether you’re looking to further your studies or find a job once you graduate, companies want to see how your University experience developed your skills. Running in Elections will improve your communication skills, project planning and volunteer management. It will show you are able to manage your time adequately and multitask through multiple responsibilities.

Getting involved will not only demonstrate that your skills go beyond your studies, but also teach you initiative, how to run in an election and how to lead successful campaigns.

Nominate yourself here.


Key Dates and Times

Nominations Open - 5th of October

Nominations Close - 16th of October

Voting Opens - 26th of October

Voting Closes - 29th of October

Results Announced - 30th of October



Chair of Student Council


Student Councillor – Cass


Student Councillor – City Law School


Student Councillor - SASS


Student Councillor – SHS


Student Councillor – SMCSE


NUS National Conference Delegate

6 (Gender balancing rules apply)*

Postgraduate Taught Officer


* The NUS National Conference has a gender-balance requirement and at least half of the delegation must self-define as women.

In this election you can nominate yourself for a councillor position or part-time officer position and a NUS National Conference Delegate position but cannot nominate yourself for both a councillor position and part-time officer position.



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