The BEACON IS BACK (Est.1958)

Established: 1958                                                                                    Re-Established: 2018

The Beacon was originally established in 1958 and it is restored back in 2018 almost 60 years after its founding by our very own, Issy Cooke, the former President of City Students’ Union.

The student-led newspaper must talk about real issues affecting the students at this time given the number of significant changes that are happening around them. Students must be educated to be at the forefront of the fight for great mental health resources to help students, to fighting for Free Education and the potential impact that hidden course costs can have on students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Beacon hopes to be able to capture as much of these issues and help inform the students’ at City how they can help contribute towards helping shape their future and the wider society, especially, at a very volatile time when the UK is looking to leave the European Union and the potential effect it may have on the thousands in the UK and abroad.


This edition of Beacon from May, 1968 talks about the dehumanising aspect of war, how it's not countries that are being bombed but the human beings that are in it and the impact of geography on our understanding and interpretation of events going on around the world. For instance, countries like, Syria, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on, because all these countries are far away, people don't see it having much impact on their lives.


If you are interested in contributing in any capacity, please contact or