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Blackbullion: Think Money Smart

One of the biggest worries you may face during your studies at University are your finances, such as your cost of living, spending, and sources of income.

So, the SU Advice team at the City SU encourages you to join Blackbullion, to help you with your money worries.


What is Blackbullion?

Blackbullion is a company that helps you to think smart about your money through their articles, interactive self-help pages, online boot camps and lessons. The aim is to make your university experience easier by teaching you how to save and budget and you can tailor the advice to you.


“We want to make the world a better place by making it money-smart.” – Blackbullion

There’s a reason why Blackbullion has been chosen by 40+ universities around the world and why the SU team here at City, University of London have decided to partner with them – because of the many successes!


The data speaks for itself…

80% of students say that they are most likely to budget.  


92% feel more confident about their financial situation.


Here are seven reasons why you should sign up to Blackbullion?

  1. It is quick and easy to sign up!
  2. Helps you to be prepared for university and your future.
  3. Blackbullion provides a helpful budgeting calculator tool to break down that budgeting process. You can then arrange a 1-1 budgeting session with our trained advisors, just fill out our money case form here.
  4. You will have access to a range of information to solve your finance problems from funding, saving, and debt.
  5. Blackbullion’s articles do not just limit their topics to your time at University, they can help guide you beyond your studies too with articles on credit scores, investing, and using credit cards.
  6. You can track your progress on the website through earning badges, seeing how far you’ve come. For example the more you learn about finances on Blackbullion, the more badges you earn and you can earn up to 29 badges!
  7. It is completely free!


Blackbullion also post on Instagram and Twitter! So if you’d prefer you can follow them and receive the latest news and tips on the topic of finance.


Written by Gizem Tumburi (SU Advice Admin Assistant)