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Calling all SHS students! Autumn Elections 2021

There remain three positions available for position of SHS Councillor due to positions being unfulfilled during the recent Autumn Elections. To nominate yourself, all you have to do is submit a nomination here. The deadline for nominations is Sunday 17th December 23:59pm.

If you have any questions, please contact and hope you find the article below useful...


Lectures, exams, coursework, night shifts, long, demanding placement weeks and reduced holidays… it’s a pretty crazy life as an School of Health Science (SHS) student, but check out why you should apply to run as the Student Councillor for the School of Health Sciences.

Your term starts now until the end of this academic year. This opportunity is open to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.


1. You Care.

You didn’t choose the easiest of professions and you also didn’t choose the most well payed profession, but you did choose to study a health related course because you care about people and you want to make a difference. Whether you're an adult, child or mental health nurse, you are working with people who need your help to get through a potentially difficult time.

The world and more specifically, City students, needs more people like you and these caring characteristics. SHS students need a representative to carry their views and opinions forward in the Union and across the University. We need YOU.


2. It requires very little time.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘this is what they all say’. But it’s true, being a Student Councillor for the School of Health Sciences only requires you to attend three meetings per year (November, January and March - see information here). That’s it. As all meetings will be hosted online, it doesn’t matter if you’re on campus or on even on a placement, you can still take part. The dates are available in advance, which will make it easier for you to plan your academic schedule for the year.


3. Be the one who changes things for future SHS students.

It can be difficult for SHS students to engage on student activity because of placements, but imagine if you were the one to change this so SHS students can participate. By being a Student Councillor, you will be in a position to support and pass motions at Student Council. Be the change you want to see.


4. Who knows where the position could lead to.

The subject you study at university can consume your life, so it’s important to maintain other interests and hobbies outside of your course. Working as a Student Councillor, you will experience a wide array of activities from debating motions ranging from student financial support to placament supervision to networking events. So whilst you may be set on a career right now, it’s always great to have experience in another area because you never know where it may lead.


5. It gives you the upper hand to kick start you career.

No matter how set you are on your career, being in a leadership position in the Students' Union will unquestionably assist your career. Employers love well rounded individuals and by becoming a part time Student Councillor, you will demonstrate other interests outside of your studies but also the qualities that make a great leader. These include: communication, teamwork, advocacy, problem solving, the ability to manage several projects at once and the power to bring about positive change. The skills just listed sound like the same skills required to become a successful nurse. It's a win - win!