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City Students' Union Stands in Solidarity with Palestine

A statement from your elected Sabbatical Officers

Image shows a selection of people gathered at a Palestine Solidarity March in London


City University of London Students’ Union condemns the violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Gaza by the State of Israel. As a Union, we will always support fair causes and oppressed groups, thus we stand in solidarity with Palestine.

Generations of Palestinians have suffered expulsion, displacement, and ethnic cleansing, and continue to be brutalised by the State of Israel. The current worldwide protests and unrest are but a symptom of the 73-year occupation and dispossession of the Palestinian people. As such, the forced eviction of the families of Sheikh Jarrah, the violence against worshippers in Masjid Al Aqsa, and the military action against the people of Gaza are all unacceptable but related events from a colonial force which practices apartheid and exercises dominance over the Palestinian population.

The statistics, accurate as of Monday 17 May, show that 200[1] Palestinians have been killed in Gaza, 58 of which are children.

Latest data says that City, University of London invests £503,880[2] in companies which are complicit in Israeli violations of international law. We demand that City University divest from these companies, as per their ethical investment policy.

We also recognise that many students will be affected by the current situation in Occupied Palestine and encourage students to apply for ‘EC’s (Extenuating Circumstances’ if they feel that it is affecting their ability to complete assessments. Our impartial Union Advice Service is available for students who may need their support.

We urge the National Union of Students (NUS) to remain unapologetically firm in their stance against apartheid. We condemn the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) for their insensitive statements and tweets about ongoing mob violence, forced evictions and the ongoing occupation of Palestine.

No Space for Hate

There is no space for antisemitism, Islamophobia, or anti-Palestinian rhetoric in social justice activism, and it threatens to undermine decades of struggle. Your safety is our priority, and we strongly urge our students to report any incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination to the Students’ Union and the University.

You can report any experiences of harassment on or off campus anonymously or not to the University through City’s Report and Support tool. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our impartial trained Advisors by contacting

Education and Solidarity

We urge our students to join us as we stand in solidarity with Palestine and to educate themselves on the context of recent events in Palestine, here are some useful resources to help:

City Friends of Palestine Society submitted and passed a Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) motion to the AGM in 2018, but it was later blocked by the Union Board of Trustees (2018/19) following legal advice. We urge our students to engage with BDS within their personal means and continue to demand this of City University.

As a Union, we demand:

  • That City, University of London are honest about their investments in Israel and in companies that are complicit in the ongoing occupation of Palestine. We demand that they divest from these companies with immediate effect.
  • That City, University of London make clear their support for Palestinian students, especially those living in Occupied Palestine and Gaza, including by reinstating the Olive scholarships for Palestinian students.
  • That UJS do not attack students, activists, sabbatical officers, and students' unions for their pro-Palestine stances.
  • That NUS remain committed to anti-racism, anti-apartheid, and anti-colonial activism.