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City Students' Union achieves Green Impact Award

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City Students’ Union has been awarded ‘Good’ in the NUS Green Impact Awards, in recognition of our work to become a more sustainable organisation and campaign to protect the environment. This achievement has come about after a lot of hard work this year, with the Union auditing and reducing its paper and plastic use, launching a student-facing campaign against single use plastic, and working to ensure sustainability is embedded in the new organisational strategy. The Union also signed up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and successfully campaigned to have the University do the same.

Throughout the year there have been great conversations between staff and students, improvements to both operational and campaigning activity, and a shift towards a holistic approach to sustainability across all areas of the Union.

We have also written and published a SMART action plan for sustainability and created an environmental steering group to ensure we continue to build upon this year’s work in the future. We are currently planning for 2019/20, with the aim of achieving ‘Very Good’ in the next Green Impact audit.

Click here to find out more about our sustainability work, and how you can get involved!


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