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City Students’ Union decides to NOT Boycott the NSS

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City University London Students’ Union (the Union) Executive Committee have taken the decision to continue to work with the City, University of London to promote the National Student Survey (NSS).  Whilst the National Union of Students (NUS) passed policy to boycott the National Student Survey (NSS) the Union has decided that this is not the best course of action for students studying at City.

The NUS policy seeks for Unions to boycott the NSS in response to a new government initiative called the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) which entails allowing Universities to raise tuition fees.

The TEF relies on the NSS to function correctly as the NSS forms 3 out of 6 of the KPI’s of the TEF. The NUS have actively asked Students’ Unions across the UK to tell their students to boycott the NSS in an attempt to sabotage the TEF.

The members of the Union Executive Committee actively debated on this topic and the pro’s and con’s of boycotting the NSS, and took a vote to see whether they wanted the Union to boycott the NSS. The vote resulted in a decision to not Boycott the NSS at City, but instead work with the University to limit the impact that the negative aspects of the TEF would have on City students. The Union also took a vote on whether it would contribute to the University’s TEF submission, and the outcome was a vote in favour of contributing towards the TEF submission. This allowed the Union to state that we don’t agree with the negative aspects of the TEF such as the rise in tuition fees and voiced our desire for all students to have access to free education. The Union has policy that states that we support the right for everyone to have access to free education, and the Union will remain committed on working towards this.

The Union continues to work with City, University of London to keep students best interests at the heart of the work that the University does. The Union actively encourages final year Undergraduate students to fill out the NSS as it allows for the University to gain significant feedback on most aspects of the student experience at City, and therefore allows for continuous improvements to be made around the University.


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