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City Students raised over £1,800

RAG which means Raising & Giving is a period, usually a week, in which various events are organized to raise money for a charity whilst having fun. This year we took some steps towards making our RAG more organized by having a RAG Board which oversees the charity fundraising at City, and organises official RAG Weeks.

We raised money for different charities such as Wamba charity and Penny Appeal which works on numerous projects all around the Globe. We had number of different events and activities run by RAG Board in collaboration with Sports Teams and Societies. We ran drop in sessions such as nail bar, photo booth, crepe bar, sponge a sab with big events such as back to school rag night, winter carnival and masquerade party. We also gave out prizes like PS4, phone, chocolates and much more for raffle ticket winners.

Our RAG Board involves Vice-President Activities & Development (Zulkaif Riaz), RAG Officer (Fatema Dhanani), RAG Volunteers Rep (Kaidy Matsina), RAG Communications Rep (Monica Miah), RAG Charities (Khwaish Jain), RAG Collections Rep (Cayni Abdulle) and RAG Events Rep (Mir Ali). All the RAG Board members with volunteers worked really hard to make RAG Week a success raising up to £1,800.

There is a chance for you to get involved with RAG Projects led by RAG Groups, Societies, or individual students who become known as RAG Project Leaders.

If you have ideas for RAG Week and would like to get involved in planning them, email the RAG Officer at


Zulkaif Riaz

Vice-President Activities & Development