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City, University of London has released it's Exam Timetable!

I am extremely happy to say City University has released it examination timetable as of April the 6th giving students time to prepare for Exams and what they will be doing shortly after the examination period.

Last year as part of my manifesto I campaigned to make sure that Examination Timetables were released earlier than in previous years. I wanted to make sure that students would also not have to sit through evening exams that may be detrimental for student's welfare or even potential progression.

However, this year marks a significantly difficult year for a number of students at City, as the examination period falls at the same time as the Ramadan a time were Muslim students fast from dusk till dawn.

As such I made sure rather early on to book meetings with the head of the timetabling team and relay the students concerns about the Exam Timetable. In addition I spoke to the Musa from the Chaplaincy team about the concern he may have had about the potential effects religious observances may have on students.

But ultimately the University Examination timetabling team worked extremely hard to make these requests a reality and I want to thank them sincerely and on behalf of students for making this happen!

Further, the University has published guidance on student who are following their religious observations ;

Thanks once again University Timetabling Service!



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