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Cocktails are back to CityBar!

At the beginning of this academic year it was brought to my attention that cocktails were no longer allowed to be served at CityBar (run by an external company which isn't part of the Students' Union or the University). We received feedback from students that they wanted to be able to purchase cocktails and were surprised they weren’t part of the offering already.

City Students’ Union’s Pro Bono Society organised a petition to gather further feedback from students about this topic. Almost 600 students responded and more than 97% of students said that they want cocktails to be served at CityBar. After seeing such a big demand from students, I engaged with the University (who holds the contract with Sodexo, the external company responsible for all catering facilities including CityBar on Northampton Square campus) and Sodexo to discuss the feedback.

After discussions with both parties, and information from the local licensing authority, I persuaded the ban on cocktails to be lifted. Cocktails are already on offer at CityBar!

Students’ feedback is extremely important for the Students’ Union so please let us know what changes you would like to see on campus and I will make sure that the University addresses your feedback. My colleagues at the Students’ Union and I are here to support YOU and make sure that YOUR time at City is immaculate. We’ve got your back!


Remember, always drink responsibly and respect those around you and our neighbours!



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Wed 21 Apr 2021

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